Elizabeth Taylor loved and honored her friends and tried her best to get them the recognition she felt they deserved. Illustrating this bond is a new, never-before-seen letter the Dame sent to the board of trustees at the Kennedy Center on behalf of her great friend Barry Manilow.

On beautiful lilac stationary, with her name embossed at the top in purple, Taylor eloquently wrote that Barry was deserving of the Kennedy Center Honors because he created "the soundtrack of our lives" and is a genius who "cranks out hits at a dizzying pace." She also lavished him with praise for courageously standing with her to fight for AIDS/HIV funding back when the "stigma of AIDS was great."

Barry had no idea his friend had lobbied on his behalf until the letter was released following her death on Wednesday. "I had no idea about this letter. It's just unbelievable," he tells me. "This is so beautiful."