Yesterday, PopEater reported exclusively that Lindsay Lohan hopes to follow in Madonna's footsteps by dropping her last name. At least, that's the plan according to her mom, Dina Lohan.

Michael Lohan
says: No way. The family patriarch -- recently accused of domestic violence by ex-girlfriend Kate Major -- popped up on CNN's sister network Friday night, firmly denying rumors of his famous daughter's name change.

"I don't think it's true at all," he told Headline News' Jane Velez-Mitchell in a satellite interview (watch the video after the jump.) "I would never imagine any of my kids changing their name, especially Lindsay."

He calmly insisted he had no idea why his ex, Dina, would announce such a thing. "Could it have to do with the drama with Kate?" he hinted. "You never know." He added, "With all due respect....Dina has said a lot of things over the years that have never come to fruition."

The name-change report isn't the only thing he was eager to deny during the interview.