In a case of he said, she said, 'Black Swan' director Darren Aronofsky is setting the record straight when it comes to Natalie Portman's Oscar-winning performance.

After allegations from Portman's body-double that Portman was responsible for only 5 percent of the dancing in the film, Portman's fiance and the film's choreographer, Benjamin Millepied, was the first to say that the majority of the dance sequences were, in fact, Portman.

Now the film's director, Aronofsky, is rushing to his leading lady's defense in a statement he released to Fox Searchlight, according to Entertainment Weekly.

"Here is the reality," he said. "I had my editor count shots. There are 139 dance shots in the film. 111 are Natalie Portman untouched. 28 are her dance double Sarah Lane. If you do the math that's 80% Natalie Portman ... Even so, if we were judging by time over 90% would be Natalie Portman."

There you have it. But forget her Oscar in question, the mother-to-be needs to rest easy in anticipation of her real golden trophy.