lindsay lohan last namePop-Ed: PopEater's Rob Shuter recently reported that Lindsay Lohan wants to drop the "Lo" in "LiLo" and transform into a new pop icon known simply as Lindsay. If her mother Dina isn't just drumming up a new headline for the sake of it, I have to officially reject this Lohaneuver.

What have you done for us lately, Lindsay (Lohan)? You starred in 'Mean Girls' and gave me an opportunity to take a cute girl to a funny movie in ... when was it? 2004? That was practically the '90s.

And since then, what? You've starred in a few Funny Or Die clips and made self-deprecating cameos and appearances on late night talk shows. True, you've filmed a few movies (nothing outshining DVD rewatches of 'The Parent Trap'), but your recurring spot as Frightened Inmate No. 2 for the past few years -- in talks for a fifth season following a dramatic stolen necklace story line -- is your defining role.

Sorry, Lindsay (Lohan) -- when you don't do anything significant, you can't ask us to one-name you.