Throw your Twitter fingers in the air and get ready to follow like you really do care. The boss of list making, Time, recently released picks for the 140 Best Twitter Feeds. We combed the list and found the top tweeting, must-follow celebs who are more than just talking heads.

We weren't surprised to see the likes of Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher and Lady Gaga listed for their sheer number of followers (they all boast more than 6 million), but leave Charlie Sheen off the list and prepare to suffer the consequences of the maniacal warlock.

And although he's holding on tight at the end of the list, Neil Patrick Harris is one to follow in Time's book and in ours. We're excited to see what kind of humor being a new dad brings to the actor, but we have a feeling he'll keep our Twitter eyes entertained whether he's writing about diapers or ... magic. "Harry Houdini was born on this day, 137 years ago. When using handcuffs or other restraints tonight, please do so in his honor," Harris tweeted recently.