If being shot is what it takes to bring attention to the current elections in Haiti, then Wyclef Jean is willing to take a bullet.

Although he hoped his name would be on Haiti's presidential election ballot (he was disqualified last year due to residency statutes), the Haitian-born hip-hop artist was instead grazed by a bullet when his vehicle came under fire in a city east of Port-au-Prince last week. But according to PEOPLE, Jean is glad that his recent acquaintance with a bullet is bringing the nation's focus to Haiti.

"It brought light to the fact that there was an election going on that day," Jean told PEOPLE. "I don't think none of you all knew about an election in Haiti until everyone heard what happened to me ... The story is about the fact that we had an election and our party is in the lead. It's a young party, trying to take over the country."

Although the bullet, which Jean recalls as a mixture of "shock and awe," did not enter his hand, that isn't stopping Jean from calling his digits "the most famous hand in history."