Finally! Some good news for Lindsay Lohan. After several months of investigation, the Riverside County District Attorney has decided not to prosecute Lohan for assaulting a Betty Ford employee, PEOPLE reports.

"We are not filing any charges in the Lindsay Lohan case due to insufficient evidence," DA spokesman John Hall told PEOPLE.

Lohan was under investigation for battery after a scuffle with Dawn Holland, a Betty Ford staff member, while there for treatment. The case involved an alleged altercation that happened after Lohan and her roommates left the clinic and came back from a bar at 1:03 A.M. on Dec. 12. The altercation is categorized as a "hand to hand battery."

The District Attorney claims the investigation was like any other and was not given special treatment. "It wasn't looked at any differently than other cases, and we didn't put any special priority on this," Hall said. "We also had to re-interview subsequent times several witnesses in the case."