Willie NelsonWillie Nelson was busted with a personal amount of marijuana on his tour bus last fall. Of course, it probably would've been a much bigger surprise if the search turned up nothing, but in this day and age, where many touring musicians have doctor recommendations allowing them to legally "medicate" in home states such as California and Colorado, not many people care. Especially when there are natural disasters, political upheavals and even revolutions to deal with.

Indeed, that's the kind of the stance that the prosecutor in Nelson's case seems to be taking.

TMZ reports that the prosecutor would be willing to let Nelson's punishment fit an increasingly popular perception of the crime -- rather than let him face up to 180 days in jail and a $2,000 fine -- if the country icon sings 'Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain' inside the courtroom. Then, all will be forgiven, and the 77-year-old country singer will have to pay just a $100 penalty.