As pregnant 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star Kim Zolciak gets closer to her due date, her on-going feud with cast mate NeNe Leakes is starting to takes its toll on her.

"NeNe has problems. I never want to speak to her again," Zolciak told Life & Style in an exclusive interview after she got wind of a "Free Sweetie" radio campaign launched by Leakes. The campaign refers to Sweetie, Zolciak's assistant.

"To have all these T-shirts and posters being made, it's disgusting," she added.

But Leakes, who is currently a contestant on NBC's 'Celebrity Apprentice,' won't let Zolciak drag her name through the mud without firing back.

"She's a big, big liar, and I have a problem with liars," Leakes told L&S about Zolciak, who is due to give birth in June. Don't expect Leakes to send over any presents when the big day arrives though.