It looks like another case Seeley Booth can file under "closed." David Boreanaz, who plays the FBI special agent on the hit FOX series 'Bones,' put another ugly matter to rest today when he settled a lingering sexual harassment lawsuit.

It seems a former extra on 'Bones' had a serious bone to pick with the star when he allegedly made some very aggressive and unwelcome advances towards her. According to Kristina Hagan, Boreanaz made multiple attempts to seduce her ranging from cellphone pictures of his penis and fondling himself in front of her.

According to the lawsuit filed last July, Hagan met Boreanaz in 2009 while working as an extra and gave him her personal information when he told her that he could land her a featured gig on the series. Almost immediately, the actor, who has been married to Playboy Playmate Jaime Bergman since 2001, started sending her "sexts," including some very graphic photos.