A sultry Robert Pattinson graces the cover of Italian Vanity Fair this month, and what the once tight-lipped actor had to say about his love life may surprise you.

In 'Water for Elephants' Pattinson plays a young man who travels with a circus and falls for a married Reese Witherspoon. But in his personal life, the 25-year-old makes it clear he's a one-woman man.

"Life is not black and white ... [but] there is one thing I never understood: why people cheat," he told the magazine.

If the idea of Pattinson's devotion to girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, isn't heartwarming enough, he also believes in happily ever after.

"My parents met when my mom was 17 and my father 25, they are still together and seem very happy. I grew up believing that you can be together all of your life," he said.