Save for Highlights or maybe Field and Stream, it seems no magazine has been Kardashian-less in the past year. Now the entire crew -- Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Kris Jenner -- is on the cover of the first ever family edition of Redbook. They were the mag's first choice for the inaugural issue, and editor-in-chief Jill Herzig totally developed a girl crush on the kabal of Kardashians during the six interviews the fam did for this cover. PopEater chatted with Herzig about the shoot and her newfound adoration for the Kardashians.

Why did you choose the Kardashians for the first family issue of Redbook?
The choice of the Kardashians was actually obvious because they are clearly an American obsession and also a really loving family. Whatever you might think about them or however scandalous their history might seem, deep down they are devoted to each other. This is our first ever family issue, and we could not think of a better cover concept to convey the bonds between family members. The glamour of the family is fascinating, but when you peel back the layers you see they are really devoted to each other in complex ways.