Someone with a foul mouth and a teenagers's sense of humor has taken over Kim and Khloe Kardashian's Twitter feeds.

Most of the tweets on Kim's site are almost unprintable on a family-friendly publication, but they involve X-rated acts, Kris Humphries' naughty bits, ice, pink feathers and scatological functions.

The tweets on Khloe's page are similar and include things like: "Sometimes I make Lam-Lam pretend my boobies are basketballs. I paint them orange and ask him to dribble them."

Photos of Humphries have also taken over the background for Kim's site, leading some to speculate that the basketball player has been tweeting as a joke.

But anyone who knows how tightly the entire Kardashian clan controls their business (and make no mistake, Twitter is part of their business), knows a prank like this wouldn't go over well with the brand ... we mean family.