While his ex, Scarlett Johannson, has been getting cozy with Sean Penn, 'Green Lantern' star Ryan Reynolds has been lying low and focusing on work.

The actor, 34, told Access Hollywood in a recent interview he'd jump at the chance to reunite with Sandra Bullock -- on screen. "I would love to do another movie with her," Reynolds said. "I would be a fool to say no to that!"

He continued, "If we can work it out, I will, definitely. I will be there, and I'll be on my best behavior."

Another beloved leading lady on his mind? "Betty White will be there, but she will not be on her best behavior," Reynolds quipped. "I mean, my God, there's a risqué, risqué little lady."

In the wake of headlines last year that he and Johannson were splitting (they filed for divorce in December after two years of marriage), Reynolds was repeatedly rumored to be dating Bullock, his co-star in 2009's 'The Proposal.' Bullock, 46, finally spoke up on the Today show, claiming the status of her relationship with Reynolds was purely platonic.