Stephen Colbert lost a bet this week, but we're all winners, because after Jimmy Fallon proved he could raise more than $25,000 for charity, Colbert had to sing Rebecca Black's ubiquitous 'Friday' on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.' The performance resulted in an undeniably fun ("fun, fun, fun") musical extravaganza, complete with cheerleaders and a cameo by an 'American Idol' winner.

Colbert, dressed to the nines, kicked off the song like a ballad, crooning the (let's face it, borderline inane) lyrics in a rich baritone before he hit the chorus and picked up the tempo. His collaboration with the Roots, Fallon's house band, is a rollicking cover that comes off sounding far more melodic than 13-year-old Black's original viral earworm.

The stunt's other big winner is, to which Fallon urged viewers to contribute as part of his "bet" with Colbert. The children's education charity allows individuals to allocate funds, donated online, directly to specific needs posted by schoolteachers.

And now, the vocal stylings of Stephen Colbert and friends, all celebrating 'Friday.'