A new Adam Sandler comedy is in the works, and joining the cast is none other than Robert Van Winkle, the one-hit-wonder rapper known to '80s music fans (and every working comedian in America) as Vanilla Ice.

In 'I Hate You, Dad!', the 43-year-old entertainer, who recently took aim at reality TV stardom with home-improvement series 'The Vanilla Ice Project,' is rumored to be taking on the role of Antonio, a gay wedding planner from Long Island. Sandler is set to star as a father-of-the-groom who lives with his son (to be played by SNL's Andy Samberg) and feuds with his son's fiance (Leighton Meester). The Sandman is a co-producer on the project.

Variety will only confirm that Vanilla Ice has signed on to play a longtime buddy of Sandler's character. And here we hoped he'd riff on Sandler's first movie hit, 'The Wedding Singer,' and rock 'Ice, Ice Baby' in a wedding scene!