What do you get a woman who already has several successful TV shows, a bestselling book and her own fitness business? Well, if that woman is Bethenny Frankel, you could order that guest a basket of toilet paper...with her face on it...and present it on the air.

That's precisely what gregarious host (and 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant) Wendy Williams did on the 'Wendy Williams Show' set this week.

In the tradition of anniversary gifts, year one is "Paper," after all. The customized T.P. was a gift for Frankel's one-year anniversary with her husband, Jason Hoppy. Each roll featured a photo of the happy couple, framed by a heart.

Frankel's spontaneous response had to be bleeped, but it's clear the 'Real Housewives' breakout star has a quick sense of humor, as she immediately cracked up at the idea of utilizing the hilarious gift.