Sir Elton John was joined by Tom Hanks (playing Michael Caine) for a goofy 'Saturday Night Live' sketch called 'Knights of the Realm,' featuring a short list of British celebs who have been knighted. The conclave gathers to brainstorm a solution to the U.K.'s newest, greatest threat: a dragon attack.

Andy Samberg, as Bono, donned giant shades and waxed on about artistry, until he was rudely cut off by 'SNL' host Elton John, who couldn't resist a chance to slam Bono's latest project: the ever-delayed, repeatedly dangerous Broadway musical 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.'

The show continues filling seats on the Great White Way, but that hardly makes it immune to mockery from Elton John, composer of the far more acclaimed production, 'The Lion King.' Both 'Lion King' and 'Spider-Man' were conceived by beleaguered director Julie Taymor, who probably didn't appreciate her old collaborator's dig at her latest, much-maligned venture (Taymor exited 'Spider-Man' last month).

Have a look at the 'SNL' sketch here: