All These Eighties Remakes Are Destined to FailSomeone needs to tell Hollywood that not every movie wants to be remade. In fact, most movies were birthed in a particular time for a particular reason, and their narratives just won't hold up the second time around.

Yes, we're talking about MTV's remake of 'Teen Wolf' and the impending redux of 'Top Gun,' 'Footloose,' 'Red Dawn' and 'Teen Witch.'

'Teen Wolf' is the first of these remakes to go public, and advance reviews aren't great. Our pals over at Moviefone went so far as to compare it to 'Twilight.' Fans of the original won't consider that a compliment.

In the '80s, everything was a little bit ridiculous -- from the hairstyles to the legwarmers to Nancy Reagan's war on drugs. That absurdity bled into movies -- to their benefit. That's why we had films where Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman convince the entire Hamptons their dead boss was a party animal (twice), where a man falls in love with a mannequin (also twice), where teen boys become wolves (the '80s loved nothing better than a sequel) and teen girls become witches.