Does Justin Bieber Have a Twin?Josh Duhamel did his best impersonation of Justin Bieber over the weekend, when he stepped onto the red carpet in an almost identical getup to what the teen heartthrob wore months earlier.

Bieber donned a black leather jacket, bow tie and purple 3D glasses to the New York premiere of his film 'Never Say Never' on February 2nd. Duhamel was sporting the same look as he arrived at Nickelodoeon's 24th Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday night in Los Angeles.

It was all in good fun, of course. After the 'Life As We Know It' star hit the red carpet, he was hit with something else: a big bucket of green slime. Bieber's lady friend, Selena Gomez even stopped to take a photo with Duhamel after he was covered in the goo on stage.