When Elizabeth Taylor's entire collection of jewelry goes up for auction at Christie's in the next few months expect to see a sea of celebrities turning up to bid on a not-so-little piece of history; however, beware! Kimora Lee Simmons tells me she's going to be bidding to win!

"All my life I have said this, I'm so emotional about Liz Taylor. My whole life I have really patterned after Elizabeth. She's always been my icon. If you think about it, I can explain it forever," Kimora told me while promoting Bounty paper towels. "First she had 165 husbands, I love it. I have a good one now but I'm not against having 165 if I could. Think about my first fragrance. It's the shape of a diamond shell with the ring around it. All that came from Elizabeth Taylor because it's about giving you a fragrance that is lush and giving you a little something extra. With her you get a little dream or a gift on the side, I'm the same."