Lady Gaga and Elton JohnElton John has confirmed that Lady Gaga is the godmother of his son.

In his appearance on 'Saturday Night Live' this past weekend, the 'Rocket Man' joked about parenthood during the opening monologue, saying he still hasn't "lost the baby weight" and let it slip that Gaga is the godmother. John and partner David Furnish recently became parents to son Zachary, who was born this past Christmas.

"For those of you concerned that we are unusual parents, don't worry," said John. "It's not like we are the only two people involved in the child's life. His godmother is Lady Gaga. That is true. It's not a joke. Lady Gaga is his actual godmother, which is ironic, because I've always said that Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids. And Gaga loves Mars. She says Mars has good schools and great discos."