If anyone can turn the Apocalypse into a sweaty, underground rave, it's Britney Spears. The singer debuted the video for her latest single 'Till The World Ends' overnight, and it reveals a glimmer of the Spears of Yesteryear.

In the video, the world is headed for destruction, with the intro stating it's December 21, 2012, as asteroids fall from the sky. However, Spears and her group of glistening, heavy-breathing friends decide to do what they do best: dance until the world ends.

A DJ spins the catchy tune while people on the outside crawl down a manhole to join the group as they heave and grope their way to survival. Spears brings all the dancing she can muster these days, completely outshining her own performance in 'Hold It Against Me' and restoring at least some faith that the diva we once knew and loved is still in there somewhere.