LeAnn Rimes fired back at reports claiming the singer looked too thin after an appearance at a NCAA basketball game.

Photos of a thin and gaunt Rimes surfaced online when she sang the national anthem at the NCAA National Championship in Houston on Monday night and the speculation was that the singer had lost too much weight as she prepared for her upcoming marriage to actor Eddie Cibrian.

is reporting that the country singer took to Twitter to quell the rumors, "Dear lord! I do not workout too much nor do I starve myself. I'm so over this and moving on"

Rimes, 28, did however respond to fans who voiced their concern and thanked them for caring and to her detractors she tweeted, "To those who have to turn to other's lives and judge with no real knowledge of how anyone lives, you can you know what!"

This is not the first time Rimes had to defend her appearance, last month when pictures of the actress looking thin had initially surfaced, the actress took to Twitter to say, "Maybe it's time for a nude pic so peeps can see how I look nowhere near what these stupid pics are trying to make me look like, LOL #joke."