Steven Soderbergh has admitted to fathering an Australian woman's child, reports. The 'Traffic' director, who's been married to former celebrity reporter Jules Asner since 2003, had an affair with Francis Lawrencina Anderson in 2009.

Soderbergh was filming the movie, 'Tot Mom,' in Australia when he met Anderson. Their baby girl, Pearl Button Anderson, was born on August 30, 2010.

Per documents filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, the Academy Award-winning director, "consents to... the entry of a reasonable order of child support."

Earlier this year, Soderbergh confessed he'd "engaged in consensual sexual intimacy and as a result thereof the plaintiff became pregnant," but questioned Anderson's claims for money in the case.

The Daily Telegraph reports the director couldn't agree to the truth of some of Anderson's claims in court due to insufficient knowledge. She alleged she lacked resources to provide for her child and that she required lawyers to protect the rights of her and the child. She also requested he pay her legal fees.