Dennis Quaid has a tender side, and that was in full display when he opened up this week on the 'TODAY' show while promoting his new movie, 'Soul Surfer,' about surfer Bethany Hamilton and her ordeal with losing an arm in a shark attack. "Like a little girl," he tells PopEater, describing the way he cried when he first heard about Bethany. "How she'd taken this horrific event that had happened to her, a shark attack, and turned it into a bump in the road in her life ... It really affected me."

What hasn't affected Quaid, 56, is the occasional bump in the road during his three-decade career. The hunky Texan reveals to us he turned down 'Big' (you're welcome, Hanks) and 'Peggy Sue Got Married,' but that his biggest regret is having never worked with iconic director David Lean. In our extended chat, Quaid talks about his hobbies, getting "verklempt," and the inspiring 'Soul Surfer,' co-starring AnnaSophia Robb and Helen Hunt.