Who: Hyper Crush
Video: 'Kick Us Out'
Hail From: Los Angeles, Calif.
For Fans Of: Lady Gaga, Christian TV

Why They're About to Pop: This Los Angeles trio's rise to fame is now a classic route -- building an army of MySpace fans, dropping mixtapes and releasing prolific bundles of songs at once. Still, this hard-working, hard-partying group stands out with its communal love for video games and non-apologetic, fun-seeking crunk-eletropop. In 2009, Hyper Crush opened for Lady Gaga all over Europe and in 2010, the group supported Breathe Carolina on tour. The band's sound has livened up such MTV reality shows 'The Hills,' 'The Real World' and 'Bromance,' and they've got even more songs waiting to be released.

PopEater caught up with Hyper Crush to talk about their new video, "sheep runnin' round actin' silly" and their extensive list of influences and idols. Check out the interview and the video for 'Kick Us Out' below.