conan obrien attacked WTF podcastFrom the ungodly height of his floppy red hair to awkward movements that make him look more like a windstruck blow-up stick figure on a used car lot, the enigma that is Conan O'Brien just keeps getting better and better.

This week, 'WTF Podcast' host Marc Maron was able to fish glorious tales of broken bones and the Ivy League from this 6'4" beanpole behemoth like a magician pulling scarf after scarf out of his hand.

One piece de resistance was O'Brien's startling memory of a Boston beatdown as a high schooler; he was left with a nose broken beyond repair.

"This is not my nose," O'Brien said. "My nose was completely rebuilt ... I was beaten up -- I'm not kidding -- I ran into a street gang, and I was wearing a T-shirt that had the Irish flag on it, and they were Italian. This is late high school, and they beat the s**t out of me. I got hit so hard in the face I went to the emergency room. I said, 'Is my nose broken?' and [the doctor] said, 'Broken? Good god, man, it's a bag of bones!'"