This weekend, when U2 takes the stage for the second of three shows at Sao Paulo, Brazil's Morumbi Stadium, the legendary band's '360' world tour will eclipse the Rolling Stone's 'Bigger Bang' road show to become the most successful tour ever, according to Billboard.

'Bigger Bang' pulled in $558 million during its 2005-07 run, and on April 10, '360' will push past that number. By the time it concludes on July 30 with an explosive concert at Magnetic Hill Concert Site in New Brunswick, Canada, the tour's gross is expected to be an astounding $700 million. Magnetic Hill is one of the largest music venues in all of Canada and has seen crowds in excess of 85,000 people. U2 brings its '360' tour back to the U.S. on May 21 with a show in Denver.