Charlie Sheen brought his 'Torpedo of Truth' tour to New York City, headlining Radio City Music Hall on Friday. The warlock continued his trend of wearing the sports gear of each town he visits, this time donning a Yankees shirt and cap. Despite the cloying costume, reports that it took less than 20 minutes for the crowd to turn on him and his rambling, "sit-down comedy" storytelling format.

So are hecklers and harsh reviews finally humbling Sheen? Not very long ago, he was slamming 'Two and a Half Men' and co-creator Chuck Lorre so severely that CBS (who'd long ignored Sheen's string of drug and violence scandals) yanked the hit sitcom and fired the ungrateful star. Now, committed to a grinding schedule of live tour stops across the U.S., Sheen may be having a delayed reaction to the mess he's made of his career: contrition.

"Of course I want my job back, man!" he told the Radio City crowd, adding "You guys want me to have my job back, right?...So you guys can keep enjoying the greatest sitcom ever, right?" According to the Hollywood Reporter, he even invited Chuck Lorre to join him onstage to talk things out. Sheen, you may recall, filed suit against Lorre in March for $100 million.