Dennis Quaid has been keeping busy promoting his new film 'Soul Surfer,' relocating with his wife and twins to Austin, Tex., and penning a piece for an upcoming issue of Newsweek (in which he'll reportedly describe both his 1970's drug abuse and 1990's road to recovery).

For an exclusive interview with PopEater last week, the 56-year-old Texan chatted about surfing, gardening and a major career regret: turning down the starring role in 'Big' that eventually went to Tom Hanks.

Now, after staying mum for months about his outlaw older brother, he's finally addressed Randy Quaid's antics with brief, brotherly remarks.

"I love my brother," Dennis told, while speaking to the press on behalf of 'Soul Surfer.' He added, "That's all I can say. I love my brother and I miss my brother. That's all I'm going to say."