Simon CowellSimon Cowell's mother is afraid that he will give himself a heart attack due to his constant smoking and grueling work schedule.

Cowell's mom Julie, 84, has been calling him and pleading with him to ease up and lighten his work load or he'll risk suffering a heart attack like his father. Cowell's father Eric died of a heart attack in 1999 at the age of 81.

Julie's concern comes after she learned of the various projects that her son is working on. Cowell, 51, is currently working on American version of 'X Factor,' as well as 'Britain's Got Talent' and 'America's Got Talent.' He is also working on a new game show for the UK called 'Red or Black.'

The Sun is reporting that a source close to Cowell's mom reveals that "Simon's mum is freaking out. His family thinks he's doing too much and are telling him to slow down before his workload seriously damages his health."