snooki bruce springsteen rutgersWe knew Snooki's $32,000 guest appearance at Rutgers in March didn't jive with all the New Jersey university's students. But now a group on campus is campaigning to get Bruce Springsteen to clean up Snooki's mess.

A Facebook event titled 'College Ave Freeze Out: Let's Bring the Boss to Rutgers!' currently has almost 4,700 people showing support.

"We have been constantly and incessantly misrepresented on the national stage, and this reflects on the student population," begins the information section on the Facebook event. "We need to prove that Rutgers University in and of itself is worthy of a high profile appearance without the enticement of a monetary payment; someone to come and represent the greater population of real, intelligent young men and women that are the diverse students of Rutgers University."