Valerie Bertinelli has lost over 40 pounds and has never looked better thanks to a lot of hard work and a little help from Jenny Craig, however when it came to the question, "Would you rather be thin or married?" Valerie didn't think a second before answering, "marriage" to new husband Tom Vitale.

"I have never been happier," the 'Hot in Cleveland' star, 50, told me at the TV Land Awards on Sunday. "And it's not like we are newlyweds. We had been together for seven years before we got married. We both have our own lives and own lives together, that's what makes it work."

Valerie knows a thing about marriage. She was of course hitched to rock guitar legend Eddie Van Halen between 1981 and 2007. It ended in divorce, but that's a looooong marriage in Hollywood years.

The 'One Day at a Time' alum and Tom kept their wedding in January such a secret, the bride even greeted her guests before the ceremony in her bathrobe before slipping into a blue wedding dress that showed off her amazing curves.