If Tyler Hoechlin looks familiar, it could very well be because he played Tom Hanks' son in 2002's 'Road to Perdition.' Now he's about to become more familiar as he stars in MTV's 'Teen Wolf,' which debuts in June.

The strikingly handsome (and almost sickeningly modest) 23-year-old toyed with a career in professional baseball; he somehow ended up talking to PopEater about playing a hirsute lupine and turning down a big role in 'Twilight.'

So is the new 'Teen Wolf' like the Michael J. Fox movie?
The title is definitely the same. However the show is nothing like the original. It's much darker, so no hairy basketball shots. We just finished shooting; we shot in Atlanta for six months, so I'm moving back into my apartment. If feels like I'm moving in all over again.