Bethenny Frankel Reveals Boob Job OrdealBethenny Frankel's candor about the intimate details of her personal life on Bravo hits 'The Real Housewives of New York,' 'Bethenny Getting Married?' and 'Bethenny Ever After' have made her a household name, and now the reality star is opening up about some painful history.

In the new issue of Life & Style, Frankel opens up about her choice to get plastic surgery in 2005 and the regret that came along with it. The Skinnygirl entrepreneur, who has admitted to suffering from body image and eating issues in the past, says she was talked into getting breast implants as an alternative to the breast lift she originally wanted.

Frankel, who was a natural C cup prior to surgery, says she wanted to improve the look of her sagging breasts with a lift, but a Florida plastic surgeon convinced her to get implants.