kate voegele one tree hill
Kate Voegele has come a long way since she released her first demo in 2003. On May 17, ATO Records will release the multi-talented singer-songwriter and actress's junior album, 'Gravity Happens.' That same day, Voegele will premiere her new single, 'Heart in Chains,' on 'One Tree Hill,' performing it as her character, Mia.

At 24, Voegele believes she is stronger than ever. "This record's such an example of a lot of things I've been through over the last two years." The album encompasses Voegele's move to California and the beginning of a new chapter in her life. "I'm so happy to share this album with everybody!"

Voegele spoke to PopEater about her new album and what's next for her character, Mia, on 'One Tree Hill.' Read it here.