William and Kate Invite Ex-Flames to Royal WeddingThe opportunity to watch your ex walk down the aisle with someone else would usually be met with a "hell no," but that's simply not the case when it comes to Prince William and Kate Middleton's poised and proper former flames.

The official guest list for the event of the year has been leaked, and according to the UK's Daily Mail, six of the guests are Prince William and Middleton's former flames.

Before Middleton began dating the young prince, her heart at St. Andrews belonged to Rupert Finch, who will have the chance to congratulate his ex-girlfriend after her royal nuptials. But Kate isn't the only party guilty of including her exes in the big day -- Prince William has invited all of his ex-girlfriends to see him tie the knot with Middleton. We have a feeling there will be a cacophony of heavy sighs as the couple says "I do" with a chorus of "that could have been me."

But Jecca Craig, reportedly the prince's first love, according to the Daily Mail, may not be among the latter group. She will attend the ceremony with her new beau, Captain Philip Kaye, who was also given a gold-leafed invite. William's once intended bride (in a modern spin on arranged marriage), Davina Duckworth-Chad, will also be in attendance with her husband.