In 'The Conspirator,' director Robert Redford tells the little known story of Mary Surratt, the only woman charged as a co-conspirator in the Abraham Lincoln assassination. The 74-year-old icon is aware you likely have no idea who Surratt is, despite her connection to the most notorious murder in American history. PopEater spoke at length with Redford about his motivation for telling this gripping story, and we coax out other anecdotes, like his fanciful experience on a quiz show in 1960, the recipe for his expulsion from college, and what it was like to be a "kook" environmentalist when no one else gave a hoot. And because he's Robert Redford, the man got deep, slugging Sarah Palin for being "limited" and revealing despite all the riches he's earned, he still finds himself in dark places.

"I live in doubt, great doubt about everything," he said. "My family says if something good happens there must be something wrong with it. There's that, there's the doubt that every artist has."