AdeleSinger Adele is on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone and in the magazine the British singer shares her views on her looks, weight and the drama surrounding her life.

Adele reveals that she does not worry too much about what she looks like or her fluctuating weight. "My life is full of drama and I won't have time to worry about something as petty as what I look like," she says.

"I don't like going to the gym. I like eating fine foods and drinking nice wine. Even if I had a really good figure, I don't think I'd get my t**s and a** out for no one."

But Adele reveals she has no problem with other singers who choose to flaunt their bodies. "I love seeing Lady Gaga's boobs and bum. I love seeing Katy Perry's boobs and bum. Love it. But that's not what my music is about. I don't make music for eyes. I make music for ears."