Win ButlerArcade Fire have been known to make drums and percussive instruments out of just about anything handy -- from pots and pans to stage rigging -- and so far, it's worked to their favor. But they almost blew it in Haiti recently when, right before an informal performance in a refugee camp, frontman Win Butler scrambled to find a makeshift drum.

"I spotted two red plastic wastebaskets just inside the clinic gates," Butler writes in a blog post describing the experience. "One was mostly empty, so I dumped it out into the other one and brought it over. I thumped it experimentally. Sounded fine. I handed it to Jeremy. He thumped it. Sounded fine."

But it wasn't fine. Turns out, the wastebasket was very clearly labeled "Biohazard Medical Waste." Butler returned the receptacle to its proper place, albeit hesitantly, and looking back on it now, writes, "But that's why hand sanitizer is so exciting."