There are people who love the force of nature that is Gwyneth Paltrow -- working mom, actress, cookbook author, lifestyle guru, distributor of GOOP -- and there are those who absolutely hate the girl. The Oscar winner, 38, is here to deliver her theory on naysayers: folks are "pissed off" because she's driven and unafraid of change, while they're not. "It's easier to not change, not do something good for you, not work on your relationship, not make yourself a meal, not work out," she tells PopEater. "Everything in my life that's good is because I worked my ass off to get it and to maintain it."

That life of hers is good indeed, and in our full chat, Mrs. Chris Martin reveals she's still "mulling over" a music career after a recent bout of hit-making, talks about her inspiration for writing the new cookbook 'My Father's Daughter,' and has a few laughs about recent rumors hitting the tabloids: 1. She hooked up with 'Glee's' Matthew Morrison, and 2. She's pulling an Oprah and starting a magazine.

"Matthew's become a really good friend of mine," she admits. "It's funny, the press likes to write things. They say I'm starting a food magazine but it's like, the truth is I don't have time to get a blow dry, how am I going to start a food magazine?"