David Arquette hasn't been able to keep his mouth shut about his marital woes since he and wife Courteney Cox separated last year. Now for the first time, we are seeing Courteney hop on the tour of TMI and don't think it has escaped our attention that the pair have a movie to promote.

Yes, coinciding ever so sweetly with Courteney's joint appearance with David on Howard Stern this week, where the actress revealed she hasn't had sex in forever and that her estranged husband gets an erection at inopportune moments, is today's release of "Scream 4".

Am I totally cynical for believing the pair's strategy for a box office boost is to air their dirty laundry in public? Celebrities have done more to get less.

"Well of course it's calculated," agrees Hollwood.com box office guru Paul Degarabedian. "The Arquettes very checkered (and very public) romantic past is perfect fodder for any movie marketing machine. Since both are in 'Scream 4' and the movie opens today, only the most naïve observer would think that the timing is a coincidence. In the interest of boosting awareness (and hopefully box office) for the opening of a movie, pretty much anything goes and the Arquette-Coxs know this better than anyone."