Darren Criss, the 'Glee' rising star who joined the show just last fall, can add another feather to his pop culture cap -- the cover of Billboard magazine.

Criss isn't new to cover boy status. Earlier this year he was featured on Out magazine's cover and, with co-star Chris Colfer ('Glee's' Kurt Hummel, Criss' character Blaine's love interest on the show), on Entertainment Weekly. The Billboard article focuses more of Criss' musical chops, including his YouTube fame, fondness for Disney songs and future solo career.

Why he got into musical theater:
"For me, it was Disney. I remember seeing people's reaction to 'Aladdin' and thinking, 'Oh, man, I want to be a genie when I grow up!' Robin Williams is a pretty big character in San Francisco. I was like, 'I want to do whatever that guy does. What does he do, Mom? He's an actor? OK, I want to do that.'"

Check out some more excerpts from the interview, which hits newsstands April 18, below.