In this day of celebrity entourages and PR protection, it's rare for a star to make a false statement. But Hollywood is nowhere near perfect and every so often its peeps will make an off-colour comment or reveal more than they intended to. We keep you informed of the most noteworthy Tinseltown talk with our weekly installment of celebrity Quips & Quotes.

Spring is in the air -- and it has Hollywood celebs all hot and bothered. First up, we have Jessica Simpson showing off her 'assets.' Then there's Rihanna talking about ass-slapping Britney Spears.

Add to that some weird banter between Courtney Cox and David Arquette about their sex life as well as a description from Reese Witherspoon on what it's really like to 'sleep with' Robert Pattinson, and you've got this week's rather randy edition of Quips & Quotes.