Lady Gaga revved up fans and delivered on her Twitter promise, revealing the cover of her 'Born This Way' album in the wee hours of the morning Sunday.

The image of a modern-day minotaur depicts Gaga as half-human, half-motorcycle. Make that half-awesome-motorcycle.

The pop icon later tweeted a photo of the liner notes in her hand, with the message: "So happy+free to finally share this w you, riding around with the booklet! Can't believe its here!"

The 'Born This Way' album will be released May 23. On Friday, the 25-year-old singer released her latest single, 'Judas,' four days early (it had already leaked online).

In contrast to the roaring machine she portrays on her new album cover, Gaga has shown a sweeter side during recent tour stops in Florida, where she seemed to be having a ball getting her Disney on. Photos after the jump.