Everyone has big making a big fuss over Jill Zarin's taut new cheeks. Rumors of plastic surgery and the timeless facelift have been buzzing around the halls of Bravo and through the phone lines of Zarin's catty cast mates. We decided to do a little research with some of our favorite sculptors to the stars to find out exactly what did go down on Zarin's face and what magic pixie dust is keeping all of our favorite stars looking between 25 and 35, no matter their birthday.

"Celebrities like Madonna, Kim Cattrall, Vanessa Williams and the 'Housewives' stay looking young by getting botox and facial fillers" says top cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Dima Ali. "Getting rid of the damaged skin layers in a controlled manner, whether it's by mechanical, laser or chemical ablation is the best way to force your skin to renew. Started early enough it can very possibly help avoiding altogether the traditional facelift."

Demi Moore has repeatedly denied have any "work done" on her face. How is it possible to be fifty and not show a wrinkle? It depends on your definition of "work" and in Hollywood that definition involves knives, not needles.

Hollywood plastic surgeons are seething mad that they're losing so much money with the decline of starlets going under the knife. The new rock stars are the cosmetic dermatologist. How are they erasing years without anesthesia?