From Angelina Jolie's maternal instincts to Madonna's desperate attempt to recapture her youth, PopEater brings you the sartorial successes and big messes from the red carpets of Hollywood with our weekly Fashion Police.

Who would have thought that there'd be an S&M theme this week? Well, here we are. Taylor Momsen, 17, is head-to-toe in black studded leather, and we giggle a bit when we imagine her 25-year-old self looking back on this outfit. But then we get to Fergie, 36, who's basically wearing an older-woman version of the same thing. Maybe we're wrong about this -- maybe once a risk-taker, always a risk-taker. Maybe these stars won't regret looking like a Gothed-out Morticia Addams. Nah, our FP team can never be wrong.