The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is almost upon us, and as the April 29 date draws closer, major networks here in the U.S. are unveiling their coverage plans. According to Deadline, the three major networks -- ABC, CBS and NBC -- all have elaborate plans for the big day, from live coverage beginning as early as 3AM EST to primetime specials about the royal couple, while CNN will have one of its biggest stars, U.K. native Piers Morgan, on the scene because of his connections to the royal family -- "I have connections that most American anchors can only dream of," he told EW -- and FOX News is looking to its sister channel in the U.K. to bolster its coverage.

The expected global audience for the event is anticipated to be nearly 2 billion, more than double the number reached when Prince Charles married Princess Diana in 1981. Around 140 broadcast trucks with satellite uplinks are expected in London's Green Park, near Westminster Abbey, where the wedding ceremony will take place, and every major broadcaster in the world is expected to set up shop somewhere along the procession route. Sadly, the Abbey itself is so small that Prince Charles' office had to decline News Corp Chairman Rupert Murdoch's request to shoot the wedding in 3D -- there simply wasn't enough room for the necessary equipment.

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