We have always wondered how Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie appear to raise such a well mannered brood of six without going completely insane. The answer: nannies, a lot of nannies, an entire basketball team of nannies. PopEater spoke to one applicant for the Pitt-Jolie nanny job who said she was surprised by the strict requirements asked of the family's childcare providers.

Each child, we are told, is given their very own personal nanny, who is required to have a college degree in either education or child development and to speak at least two languages. In the case of Brad and Angie's adopted children from other countries, the nanny is question is expected to speak the language of the child's native land.

The job applicant must also be willing to travel. This is a biggie since the family splits their time between California, New Orleans, France and a number of movie sets on a yearly basis.